Team Captains

The role of the Team Captain is to support, encourage and attend to the needs of the Team. Team Captains and assistant captains, if present, may give advice to members of their team in accordance with USGA Rule 8/1. Captains must keep in mind the importance of maintaining pace of play when advising team members, undue delay could result in a warning and/or disqualification. Team Captains are not allowed on the green during the competition rounds.

There will be the same Team Captain for each Team throughout the Tournament and the only one allowed to communicate with players.

  • Must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Communicate with sponsoring junior golf association regarding payment and other specific requirements of each team
  • Arrange hotel reservations.
  • Arrange air and ground transportation for the team and notify Host Tournament Committee of arrival time. Arrange departure transportation after 6:00pm on the final day.
  • Arrange for team uniforms and insure they conform to the GJAC dress code for all functions. Proper golf attire is required for Registration and all Tournament events, including the Practice Round.
  • Attendance is mandatory for Captains at all GJAC matches, scheduled meetings and social functions.

GJAC committee

The current year Team Captains comprise the Girls Junior Americas Cup Committee. Each Team Captain has a vote. The Team Captains' meeting is scheduled the evening prior to the practice round of the GJAC Match. The Host Team Captain arranges and conducts this meeting. The Executive Board secretary shall take the minutes of this meeting.
The minutes of the meeting shall be typed, duplicated and distributed to the GJAC Committee either at the current tournament site along with the Final Result Sheet or mailed within one week of the last day of the Tournament.

Tournament Committee

The Rules of Golf shall govern play. The Committee, whose decision is final, shall settle all questions /disputes. The Committee: Head Rules Official, one pre-determined member of Host Organization and one Girls Junior Americas Cup board representative.

Host Committee

The Host Tournament Committee consists of the Tournament Director, Host Captain, Host Club members and volunteers and is responsible for organizing and running the Tournament.

GJAC Host Captain

The GJAC Host Captain shall be responsible to the Girls Junior Americas Cup Committee and shall serve as an advisor to the Tournament Director (unless acting as the Tournament Director). The Host Captain shall be responsible for insuring that the Tournament is conducted in accordance with the established procedures and guidelines stated in the GJAC Handbook.


You have earned the honor of becoming a member of a Girls Junior Americas Cup Team with the privilege of representing your State in the Team Matches. Your behavior will be a reflection on the Girls Junior Americas Cup organization, your State Golf Association and your Family.

Your Team Captain is responsible for you and your welfare as you travel with the Team and while you participate at the GJAC Team Matches. You are asked to please behave responsibly.

Host Site Rules and Guidelines

The information provided here will serve to support host organizations in their planning of the Girls Junior Americas Cup. Most of the forms necessary are available as google docs.

Executive Board

The affairs of the Girls Junior Americas Cup Team Matches shall been overseen by an Executive Board consisting of a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of seven (7) Team Captains. An Executive Board member must have served at least three (3) years as a GJAC Captain.

Officers of the Organization shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and such other officers as the Board may by resolution create. Officers will serve a two-year period.

Team Rotation

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