Team Captains

Washington Team Captain Patty Curtiss gives advice to team member Bree Wanderscheid.

Washington Team Captain Patty Curtiss gives advice to team member Bree Wanderscheid.


The role of the Team Captain is to support, encourage and attend to the needs of the Team. Team Captains may give advice to members of her team in accordance with USGA Rule 8/1. Captains must keep in mind the importance of maintaining pace of play when advising team members, undue delay could result in a warning and/or disqualification. Team Captains are not allowed on the green during the competition rounds.

There will be the same Team Captain for each Team throughout the Tournament and the only one allowed to communicate with players. A Team Assistant Captain may be appointed by the Team Captain to assist with errands and general Tournament support but they cannot give advice to team members. The Team Captain and Assistant Captain (if applicable) must be identified to the Committee prior to the start of the competition. Each Team will be given one golf cart.

Attendance is mandatory for Captains at all GJAC matches, scheduled meetings and social functions. Team Captains are not permitted to drink alcohol anytime in the presence of players. The two free evenings provide the opportunity for the team captains to socialize with each other or local friends and gives the girls the chance to spend time with their host families alone.

Any special requests deviating from the Rules of the GJAC Handbook must be proposed in writing to the GJAC Executive Board no later than sixty (60) days prior to the GJAC Tournament.

Please make sure your team members fill out the Player Bio here.

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