Anniversary Quilt

The Anniversary Quilt was displayed for the first time at the 1998 Cup Tournament in Fresno, California, the 20th Anniversary of the Girls Junior Americas Cup Team Matches.

The idea was presented to the Team Captains in 1996 in Washington in preparation for the 20th Anniversary. Each Association had one year to prepare a quilt block that was representative of their State, Province, or Country. Blocks were turned in at the 1997 tournament in Wyoming. The Quilt was assembled and quilted by Carol Orona, Captain Northern California.

The Quilt travels from State to State, Province to Province and Mexico, being displayed at each event. The Quilt center reflects the motto of the Girls Junior Americas Cup: Pride in Self, State and Country.

Anniversary Quilt

Anniversary Quilt

Pin Exchange

Pin swapping is based on one of the earliest Olympic traditions (it’s believed to date back to the first modern Games at Athens in 1896) and collecting them is great fun for the tournament participants. Each Team brings pins featuring symbols and name of their States, enough pins for each team member and captain. The pins are exchanged between all the teams at the Sunday evening Meet and Greet BBQ. Approximately 100 pins is the recommended amount, some teams have Co-Captains and host families and others also enjoy receiving them.

Gift Exchange

In 1989 Oregon hosted the tournament and introduced the “Potlatch” (an old Indian custom of exchanging gifts). The names of two teams are randomly selected and the girls from these teams exchange gifts with each other. The gifts are usually items representative of the State in a cost range of $20 – $25.

Gift Exchange

Gift Exchange


All players will be housed in private homes as close to the golf course as possible. Team members of the Host State may offer housing or accept host housing. Any special requests for housing must be approved by the Team Captain and arranged by the Housing Committee. A Protocol form must be signed by the Host Families to insure that they are aware of the guidelines and responsibilities of housing Team Members.

Flag Raising and Opening Ceremony

This is an important function of the Girls Junior Americas Cup Tournament. It is essential that the tradition and pageantry of this Ceremony be perpetuated throughout the years of this Competition. Weather permitting, this affair should be held outdoors.
The Opening Ceremony and Banquet are special formal occasions. The Team uniform shall be dresses, skirts, formal dress slacks or shorts, unless otherwise specified by Host Committee and approved by the Executive Committee. All Teams will parade with their State /Province / Country Flag. The GJAC Committee provides Flagpoles and Flags. The individual names will be announced as the teams enter (any name clarification should be done prior to the ceremony), the order shall be Captain, carrying the flag, Assistant Captain, Players #1, 2 3 and 4. Teams should enter before the speaker starts.

Opening Flag Ceremony

Opening Flag Ceremony

Everyone shall stand at attention during the playing of the three National Anthems. The National Anthems will be played by live music or a recording (CDs are included with the Flags sent by previous Host Association).
The program for the Opening Ceremony shall include:
• An Invocation
• Welcome Address from the Host Club President
• Welcome Address by a designated official from Host Association
• Introduction of Captains and Team Members
• Raising of the three country flags by designated players from each country
• Raising of the GJAC flag marks the official opening of the Matches

Closing Ceremony

As in the Opening Ceremony, each Team will parade with their Flag in the same order. Attendance at the entire Closing Ceremony is mandatory.
The program for the closing ceremonies shall include:
• Closing Remarks and general thank you from Tournament Chairperson
• Thank You by a Host Association Official
• Expression of Thanks to the Host Association, Host Club and Host Families by a designated Team Captain (previous year’s Host Captain)
• Presentation of Group Picture as a Thank you gift to the Host Club
• Awards beginning at place # 18, medals awarded to the three top Teams and Captains. Medals are placed around the necks of the winners and team captain
• Official Invitation and announcement of the Dates and Site of the next Tournament by the incoming Host Captain
• Presentation of the traveling trophy by the Host Team Captain to the next Host Team Captain
• Lowering of the GJAC flag marks the official closing of the Matches. Country flags remain up.

Team Photographs

Washington Team Photo

Washington Team Photo

Official photographs to be taken are:
• Individual Team
• Group (Contestants and Team Captains)
• Team Captains
Team photos will be taken with the team state flag during the practice round. The group photo and team captain photos will be taken prior to Opening Ceremonies.


The GJAC provides First, Second and Third Place medals for all winning Team Members and Captains. In the event of a tie for 1st – 3rd place, ties will not be broken and duplicate medals are awarded (duplicates will be mailed). Additionally if there is a tie for 1st place, the second place medal will not be awarded. If there is a tie for 2nd place, the third place medal will not be awarded.
Ties for 4th to 18th place will be broken by counting all four scores of the final round to determine team finish.
The Team Captain of the winning team takes the trophy back to her state. She is responsible for having it engraved.

Joan Teats Inspirational Team Award

Begun in 2014, this award is a tribute to our founder, Joan Teats.  She saw a need 38 years ago, and made great forward strides to create the Girls Junior Americas Cup.  The boys had one, so why not the girls???  Since then, this event has grown into an elite college style tournament for young women.  Each team member is awarded a charm with an inspirational word on it to wear.  Inspiring words are: Leadership, Sportsmanship, Honesty, Respect and Friendship!  Who will win this year?

Joan Teats Inaugural Inspirational Team Award 2014. Won by Hawaii!

Joan Teats Inaugural Inspirational Team Award 2014. Won by Hawaii! L to R: Chris Curtiss, Team Captain Cathy Torchiana, Kristen Lei, Mari Nishiura, Aiko Leong, Malia Nam and Patty Curtiss.  Inspiring!

Team Rotation

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